Page 1:

Angel searches the forest for the last of his attackers who mean to stop him from completing his charge.

Page 2:
Angel makes nik the offer to survive, but Nik won't have any of it. He holds a great deal of self-resentment.

Page 3:
Nik reveals the darkness from his past as he begs to be killed along with the rest of humanity

Page 4:
Queen refuses to treat Angel and his mission with respect as she thinks it's nothing more than a joke.

Page 5:
Angel has his first shower and feels guilty for "cursing" Nik with the chance to survive armageddon.

Page 6:
Queen is still in denial about Angel's being a real angel. She wants hard proof...and she gets it...sort of...

Page 7:
Angel finds himself falling prey to human flaws...he who could do no wrong is now able to commit sin.

Page 8:
Bee makes her debut as she returns from home. She is looking for her boyfriend, who Nik and Angel know is already dead thanks to Angel.

Page 9:
Bee falls prey to lust and is longing to have the innocent Angel for some bad-girl fun.

Page 10:
Nik can't help but feel responsible for Angel's safety from Bee, who might lead him to even more sin...threatening to make him a fallen angel.

Page 11:
Angel is in serious need of human biology lessons, and Nik is just the guy to give 'em to him.

Page 12:
Angel's mind is growing lustful after the girls begin to show interest, and he refuses to sleep anymore as he fears his mind may lose control.

Page 13:
Falling prey to the pressure of human urges, Angel is one step closer to falling from divinity.

Page 14:
After a sleepless night, Angel wants Nik and Queen to help him begin setting up for his destruction of the world.

Page 15:
Following Nik's suggestion for him to repossess another body, Angel cannot take the chance of letting a demon claim his current one.

Page 16:
Nik's best friend Maq is suspicious about who and WHAT Angel is, and HE should know as the only other survivor from Nik's hometown 9 years ago.

Page 17:
Nik visits the ONLY remaining survivor from his cursed hometown, and Maq wants him to return to their evil well as Kill Angel befor he destroys humanity.

Page 18:
Maq can't bring himself to accept that Nik has turned on him by siding with Angel. He still believes Nik is setting up for a move on Angel, to get rid of him once and for all... and no one knows Nik better than Maq does.

Page 19:
Only five days till the world's end and with the tensions of friendship, Nik's wish to make Queen's last days with him special seems to be floating out of reach.

Page 20:
Just as Nik and Queen bond, Maq decides he can't depend on Nik anymore and sets in motion a plan that will get Angel out of the picture before he wipes out humanity.

Page 21:
Chaos reigns at the soccer field as Maq's plan is overshadowed by an even greater other-worldly power.

Page 22:
Nik and Queen finally find Angel out-cold... they also find the black-winged Spike, who will not let anyone get in the way of his plans.

Page 23:
Nik tries to reason with his assailant, Spike, but it backfires, resulting in one of Nik's secret being revealed to the world.


The stage is set for the complete destruction of the world... Minx academy is closed...everyone is home, oblivious of D-Day, which is but 4 days away following the erasure of their memories by Spike...Nik, Queen, Bee, Mr White...everyone is in for a big surprise when angel wings cloud the sky in the final moment of destruction. Find out the fate of the earth... and the fate of Angel himself...


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